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Your car is important and you want to make sure it's in the best hands - we don't blame you! You can find out everything you need to know about American Mobile Glass and our services just by glancing through the common questions and answers below.

Common Glass Service Questions:

1.  Is windshield repair covered by my insurance company?

Yes! Most insurance companies will pay for a windshield repair.


2.  Which insurance companies do you work with?

For a complete listing of companies we work with, please refer to the Auto Glass Service Scheduling page and look at the drop-down box.


3.  Will I have to file a bunch of paperwork with my insurance company?

No. American Mobile Glass will handle the entire insurance claim process for you. After you have scheduled an appointment with us, we will confirm your glass coverage and file the claim directly with your insurance company. All you need to do is pay the amount of your deductible (if you have one). And, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage in the state of Kentucky, the deductible is waived.


4.  Will my insurance rates go up if I file an auto glass claim?

No, they won't. A cracked windshield does not reflect your ability to drive. Auto glass replacement is considered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance rather than the collision, so you get a new windshield and your premiums will stay the same.


5.  Where do I need to take my car & how much time will it take to replace my windshield?

This part you will absolutely love! You don't have to take your car anywhere.  We'll come to you - at home, at work, at the Little League ballpark. Our technicians can have your new windshield installed in just about an hour. We do ask, though, that you don't drive for a couple of hours so that the seal will have plenty of time to cure. Our technician will fill you in on all the details after installation.


6.  Do I need to be there while you replace my glass?

You sure don't!  You can go to the ballgame, go shopping, visit the neighbors - whatever you want. The only thing our technicians will require is entry to your vehicle, so you will have to leave it unlocked.


7.  What about quality? I don't want to have to replace my windshield again.

Don't worry! We use only high-quality auto glass from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We are so confident in the glass that we use that we guarantee its quality and installation for as long as you own your car. If your windshield should leak due to faulty installation on our part, we'll repair or replace it for free. But don't worry about that, our technicians are some of the best in the business.


8.  How long is the wait for an appointment?

If you call us in the morning, we can usually get your windshield installed the same day.


9.  Do I need to replace my windshield or can it be repaired?

The National Glass Association recommends that any windshield damage be fixed as soon as possible. Most 'dings' or 'chips' can be repaired if the damage is not in the driver's line of vision and is smaller than the size of a dime, including any cracks. This could save you or your insurance company hundreds of dollars. If the break is larger or in the drivers line of vision, most insurance companies recommend replacement. American Mobile Glass provides both services for your convenience.


10.  Do you just fix automotive glass, or other kinds of glass?

Our specialty is repairing and replacing auto glass windshields, back and side windows, and mirrors. However, we can also provide service for home and business windows, shower doors, glass shelving, mirrors, tabletops and usually any glass fixtures.


11.  Are your installation specialists certified?

Yes! American Mobile Glass has NGA certified technicians.


12.  Does my windshield really protect me?

Yes. Your windshield was designed as the number one safety restraint system in your vehicle. Auto manufacturers say your windshield provides up to 60% of the roof crush protection in a rollover accident. It also provides the backstop support for your passenger-side airbag in a front-end collision. If your windshield pops out in a collision or rollover, you could be ejected or crushed. It's important to know who is replacing your windshield. Your life could depend on it.

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